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    • It does not seem to change too much anymore at the moment. I can walk on normal shoes but high heels still make me feel very unstable. I think they messed something up in the hospital. Let’s hope they don’t have to redo it in another one :S
      I really want to be able to kick full force again, especially since I have been training my legs a LOT just for that purpose πŸ˜‰


      • Well, that’s sucks….I’ll always stay here hoping you get better.
        The content you make is unique, and you seem like a cool person πŸ™‚

        • Thank you <3,
          I am training my foot so it gets more stable, In the worst case scenario, they will have to operate again.
          I guess I will just have to get good at kicking with my left foot πŸ˜‰

  1. Hi. Is there any interest in making a video like “Blood Friday”? I just LOVED this video πŸ™‚

    Sorry for my English btw. I’m from Brazil, and I don’t know how to finance you by paying πŸ™

        • Hi Mistress. Are you okay? Sometimes I go to the site to see if there are any video or post updates, and you seem to be very busy. I hope the master is ok, because sometimes I get worried haha

          • Don’t worry little slave πŸ™‚ While my foot is still not up to full kicking strength and high heels are difficult at the moment, it is going a lot better. I’m hoping to be able to film again this month.

  2. Hello Goddess Urnom,
    i have the desire to be castrated.
    But my mistress don`t want to do it herself, she doesn`t have experience.
    So would it be possible, that you do it?
    I would pay in advance and i would come with my mistress to you?
    Or do you want to visit us in germany when pandemic is over?
    Of course i will pay you, your hotel, your transfer etc.

    It would be realy kind if i get a answer.

    Sincerely and humble
    Slave Daniel

    • Hello there little slave πŸ™‚

      I appreciate the offer but at the moment I can’t make any plans yet. Besides such a procedure is very risky for me as the laws are very illogical… you can have your dicklet cut off but only if you want to make it into a vagina. Otherwise it is ‘illegal’ etc.. such nonsense.
      As people are not allowed to do what they please to their own body, I have to be very careful with these things. I do not just take in ‘patients’ like that as that will give me all kinds of trouble.

      Such a thing (if I ever were to do it) would only be done with slaves that have earned my trust and have shown that they are not just talk. A lot of slaves want all kinds of sick torture, but in reality they just like the idea or the fantasy.

      Slaves that have reached the point where they can do extreme CNC like this are very rare. I would not go this hard on a new slave as I do not want them to pussy out half way.


  3. Mistress Urnom, I am always honored to be your slave and supporter with my small contributions.
    I am proud to have killed the dicklet for you, avoiding that my bad perverse thoughts can still dirty girls unaware of getting fucked by a filthy depraved bisexual, getting filthy by my lousy cum.
    Thanks my Goddess

  4. Such a Mistress, I would give not only genitals, but also life. I would like to find a Lady who will torture my genitals with a red-hot iron, then cut them off. I’m ready to end my life in a torture room. But, alas, distance and boundaries do not allow me to surrender to this Lady.

  5. Hello,

    I have read this a couple of times now and love it. What i am very curious about is how you trained puppy to pee sitting down? Can you share more on this topic please?


      • Of course, so obvious. i have been sitting to pee for a long time now, just something i naturally did as i find standing can be such a messy affair.
        But I have been able to use a cage on occasion and of course there is no choice but to sit. i would definitely go full time chastity if my Wife wanted it. my Wife is very vanilla so anything kinky is a struggle.

        i already struggle to get an erection, partly due to my medication and partly due to to much porn. Specifically i think it has been the femdom go gay style porn which has to a large extent react to cock more. i do of course worship Women as the superior gender.

        Your work is phenomenal, thank You for sharing, i wish i was part of your world.


  6. absolutely brilliant Ma,am, can you see a time in the future when beta males like myself can come to you or ladies like you to be properly castrated Ma,am. i mean by the use of a burdizzo or bander ?

    • You get a slavenumber and access to the Slave Pen after purchasing my videos. A RL session can only be booked after my new studio is finished.

  7. Meesteres, deze slaaf is nu een week ver (3 sessies) in het programma penect-o-me. Deze slaaf heeft gemerkt dat, zo ver ik weet er geen link meer is van deze 2 programma’s.

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