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  1. Is it possible to shrink manhood things by milking it continuously. When i was young i used UHU washable glue on my manhood to shrink it.

    • I only did a few live streams where people could buy needles to have me place them πŸ™‚
      It was a lot of fun but the time zones where a problem..and a few slaves made so much drama and weird demands.. ( I am not going to do a session at 04:00 because that is the time in your country when your wife is not home:P)
      So I did not do another one yet.

    • The best I can offer is my remote program πŸ˜‰ “castration club”
      Sadly the law seems to frown upon people that want to choose what they do to their own body πŸ˜‰

  2. Hello mistress i love your work i am naturally castrated and don’t get erection any more. I was wondering if your slaves no the medical problems that occur with no testicles your bones start to brake down is the main concern there are other side effects you need female hormone or male to stop these.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ And good to hear that you are a permanent “good boy”P nice and limp like a good slave.

      I let puppy train with weights to help combat bone density loss, he also uses suplements I give him. I do not want him to take male hormones anymore (I think you can see me inject him in one of my old clips) .. It would ruin what I achieved with the castration. Female hormones are not an option either as I do not want him to be more feminized. I like neutered males that still look male. The most beautiful look is a muscular slave that is completely smooth where the dicklet was..but still has balls to kick πŸ˜›

      I think I will put puppy in the gym soon πŸ˜›

      Before we cut off the pinky winky and get my prefered look πŸ˜›

  3. thank you Mistress as i am basically neutered anyway due to my constant injections into my worthless testis during my training under your guidance i do hope you find more ways to fully castrate me yes i would really desire my little impotent eggs in your hands and your possession i do consider myself a eunuch owned and controlled by you and of course i so desire more i shall not be fully happy until i am a verified eunuch and my balls are in your possession please mistress thank you for all your help in making me a neutered puppy under your control

    • That is how I like slave balls,..neutered. You can’t even begin to imagine how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel inside when I think of all the slaves I have rendered impotent and sterile πŸ˜€ It is both a massive powertrip as well as a huge sign of devotion on the slaves part.

      The slave gave up something he valued so much, just to please me. I really love our community here, we have almost 0 fakers or people that want to ‘top from the bottom’. We put the Extreme in Extreme Femdom here, and I LOVE it πŸ˜€

      If only the laws were different… I would have a wall of dicklets in jars. Now I have to be extremely careful as I do not want to end up in jail over our ‘hobby’;) Ending up in my jar is not easy. So far only one slave has made it to that level. And I ‘only’ have his balls..

      I guess he still wanted to have his shrunken impotent dicklet as a reminder how useless it is πŸ˜‰


      • thank you Ma,am yes i am a devoted slave to you and it gives me great sense of satisfaction to know my place as a neutered male to you. i can fully imagine just how much pleasure it would give you if you actually took my balls off properly and i would lie and watch the pleasure my giving would please you. i dont think about much else than fully surrendering myslef to you it occupies my mind 24/7 and hopefully one day when laws change that may happen. i would sincerely give my balls to you and would love to become slave 2 with my balls alongside your other slave Ma,am

        • I love your devotion πŸ™‚ It is so strange that people can decide to tattoo, pierce or do all things with their body but not this. So you can change into a woman, but not an Eunuch? why.. What happened to my body my choice..or in this case your body MY choice πŸ˜‰


          • thank you Ma,am before i met you on here i was a stupid masturbating beta male a vigin and useless to women anyway i always felt i would serve better as a ladies eunuch so now that i am basically your eunuch in that my balls are quite useless and my little penis has shrunk even further i feel i now serve a purpose to you my Goddess and womankind. Ma,am you have helped me become the Eunuch i always thought i should be and i do so hope in fact i dream of the day you can claim them properly and put inside one of your jars Ma,am

    • I have two β€œself help” programs that will help you kill that dicklet and those eggs. this is the first step to become a worthy slave

        • No it is my penect-o-me series πŸ˜› You know the one that made your ‘tail’ into a useless micro clit appendage πŸ˜€ Why? Are you ready to fill another jar for me with ‘a gift’? πŸ˜€

          • Thank you for the answer. Yes, I would be willing to do that if it would give you a sense of satisfaction and validation of what you are doing. After all, you have been explaining well for a long time that a real slave also has to do things that a slave has to do! So that means, if you really want to do it and see a way to accomplish it, good! In addition then of course also the pride that one has done something that only few do for such a grandiose mistress.

          • But I think it’s normal when a mistress decides about slaves, because that’s not only how nature intended it, but that’s also what makes such a relationship so appealing, when the dominant side makes decisions and slaves carry them out without objection. You show it so true to life with your puppet, who seems to accept everything as you intend it. I, for one, would like to go the same way.

          • Thank you πŸ™‚ I am very proud of the work I did on my little puppy.. He is nothing like when I first met him. I broke him and tamed him as if he was a wild horse. Now he is my prancing little gelding that does whatever I want him to do.

          • When I think about the fact that only absolute fans of Mistress Urnom come to this part of her variations on the homepage and inform themselves about the possibility of castrating themselves under her will by various means and perhaps also to sacrifice the “little tail” for her, then there is only this one option for these slaves, to do it exactly as Mistress Urnom expects and commands, otherwise it would all be just head cinema and a waste of the Mistress’ time!

          • Yes, only real slaves here πŸ™‚ Though not all of them are as far in the process as you are mentally.. And as of yet..none have made the sacrifice you did, my little jar slave <3

          • If it means anything to you, I would very much like to be the first to fulfill my “slave duties” and sense of “being honored” to you!!!!

          • Well, I’m ready anytime, as soon as you think it’s right. Funnily enough, I have long had the attitude of having to take this step, because rarely in life can you do something that means total sacrifice and obedience, and if you should do such a thing for someone, then probably 100% for you!

          • Perfect. There are messages and visions for everyone, which can trigger an incredible feeling of happiness in you and as you should probably know best, I stand by my statements and promises!

          • If this is decided now in such a way, then one can adjust oneself mentally also to it and that is for a genuine slave yes also something like the completion of a development and necessary modification, which looks sometimes evenly unusual for many, but if one does it for a mistress, who is able by her cleverness and dominance, can transform dreams of slaves into real actions, then both are happy, the slave, because he is proud of his willingness to sacrifice to the mistress everything that had been considered so important as a “man” in the past, and then the mistress herself, because she realizes what power she has over some people.

          • So you want to go “smooth”:D I think we have to wait a little before this whole virus drama is over. We do not want to get unwanted attention πŸ˜›

    • I did this for a while but almost none of the slaves participated in this,..even when it was free. So I gave up on them for now.

    • It does not seem to change too much anymore at the moment. I can walk on normal shoes but high heels still make me feel very unstable. I think they messed something up in the hospital. Let’s hope they don’t have to redo it in another one :S
      I really want to be able to kick full force again, especially since I have been training my legs a LOT just for that purpose πŸ˜‰


      • Well, that’s sucks….I’ll always stay here hoping you get better.
        The content you make is unique, and you seem like a cool person πŸ™‚

        • Thank you <3,
          I am training my foot so it gets more stable, In the worst case scenario, they will have to operate again.
          I guess I will just have to get good at kicking with my left foot πŸ˜‰

          • I hope they don’t have to operate again. Be well, okay? I really love your content, especially bloody friday.

            (Now I’m going to stop bugging you in the comment section haha)

  4. Hi. Is there any interest in making a video like “Blood Friday”? I just LOVED this video πŸ™‚

    Sorry for my English btw. I’m from Brazil, and I don’t know how to finance you by paying πŸ™

        • Hi Mistress. Are you okay? Sometimes I go to the site to see if there are any video or post updates, and you seem to be very busy. I hope the master is ok, because sometimes I get worried haha

          • Don’t worry little slave πŸ™‚ While my foot is still not up to full kicking strength and high heels are difficult at the moment, it is going a lot better. I’m hoping to be able to film again this month.

  5. Hello Goddess Urnom,
    i have the desire to be castrated.
    But my mistress don`t want to do it herself, she doesn`t have experience.
    So would it be possible, that you do it?
    I would pay in advance and i would come with my mistress to you?
    Or do you want to visit us in germany when pandemic is over?
    Of course i will pay you, your hotel, your transfer etc.

    It would be realy kind if i get a answer.

    Sincerely and humble
    Slave Daniel

    • Hello there little slave πŸ™‚

      I appreciate the offer but at the moment I can’t make any plans yet. Besides such a procedure is very risky for me as the laws are very illogical… you can have your dicklet cut off but only if you want to make it into a vagina. Otherwise it is ‘illegal’ etc.. such nonsense.
      As people are not allowed to do what they please to their own body, I have to be very careful with these things. I do not just take in ‘patients’ like that as that will give me all kinds of trouble.

      Such a thing (if I ever were to do it) would only be done with slaves that have earned my trust and have shown that they are not just talk. A lot of slaves want all kinds of sick torture, but in reality they just like the idea or the fantasy.

      Slaves that have reached the point where they can do extreme CNC like this are very rare. I would not go this hard on a new slave as I do not want them to pussy out half way.


  6. Mistress Urnom, I am always honored to be your slave and supporter with my small contributions.
    I am proud to have killed the dicklet for you, avoiding that my bad perverse thoughts can still dirty girls unaware of getting fucked by a filthy depraved bisexual, getting filthy by my lousy cum.
    Thanks my Goddess

  7. Such a Mistress, I would give not only genitals, but also life. I would like to find a Lady who will torture my genitals with a red-hot iron, then cut them off. I’m ready to end my life in a torture room. But, alas, distance and boundaries do not allow me to surrender to this Lady.

  8. Hello,

    I have read this a couple of times now and love it. What i am very curious about is how you trained puppy to pee sitting down? Can you share more on this topic please?


      • Of course, so obvious. i have been sitting to pee for a long time now, just something i naturally did as i find standing can be such a messy affair.
        But I have been able to use a cage on occasion and of course there is no choice but to sit. i would definitely go full time chastity if my Wife wanted it. my Wife is very vanilla so anything kinky is a struggle.

        i already struggle to get an erection, partly due to my medication and partly due to to much porn. Specifically i think it has been the femdom go gay style porn which has to a large extent react to cock more. i do of course worship Women as the superior gender.

        Your work is phenomenal, thank You for sharing, i wish i was part of your world.


  9. absolutely brilliant Ma,am, can you see a time in the future when beta males like myself can come to you or ladies like you to be properly castrated Ma,am. i mean by the use of a burdizzo or bander ?

    • You get a slavenumber and access to the Slave Pen after purchasing my videos. A RL session can only be booked after my new studio is finished.

  10. Meesteres, deze slaaf is nu een week ver (3 sessies) in het programma penect-o-me. Deze slaaf heeft gemerkt dat, zo ver ik weet er geen link meer is van deze 2 programma’s.

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