Why I prefer my slaves castrated — 29 Comments

  1. having had a total Emasculation This slave is a total eunuchs. Have been for several years now and do not regret it as now I have my full attention on the mistress without having any sexual needs or wants

    this slave is now a total obedient and trust worthy

    Unfortunately it is uncollared since its last Mistress Passed away and seems no other mistress wants a Emasculated eunuch

    • I love that look, though I am keeping ‘my’ balls attached since I want something to torture. The dicklet will come off though. I checked places that offer such services but I really want to do the (final) cut myself.
      Maybe you should find a new owner that is more into corporal punishment than you don’t have those toys anymore πŸ˜›

  2. This is really intense but I enjoy cumming after having my balls tortured by a domme so I’d probably have to pass on the full castration deal! I guess I would submit if I got laid first of course.

    • Slaves should not get laid.. that is the whole point. The fact that you still think like this is proof that you NEED castration πŸ˜€

  3. I have been castrated for 3 years. I would love to serve you Mistress. I would even give up my pathetic little dicklet too just to serve you

  4. Hi! I have a suggestion for Mistress who do use the castration elastrator
    method: why donΒ΄t put the colored latex rings in your high heels
    and walk this way to the victim before take out one by one to insert
    into the device to be placed on the testes?
    Or You Mistress can walk like this outside, showing your very nature…

    • I like this idea πŸ™‚
      I have shoes with thin metal heels, I can wear those outside.. Then I can see who is ‘part of the lifestyle’ by their reaction.
      You know like when I wear the key to puppies chastity cage around my neck.. I can tell some people know exactly what that key is for by the way they look when they see it πŸ˜€


  5. Umm I did a dumb thing and mistyped my username and got locked out… can anyone help? I tried to follow the instructions but I keep getting a server error. I was wanting to ask if the mistress is the one that draws the lovely artwork for the thumbnails?

  6. Mistress, I am serious, serious, serious,
    This slave here and now dedicate my balls to be castrated by Mistress. This slave desires to be worthy of having his balls removed and receiving Mistress’s slave collar.
    Mistress, this slave hopes to be exceedingly maluable, obedient, committed to pleasing Mistress in every way as her slave, and devoted to serving Mistress as her absolute total slave forever.
    Mistress, this slave wants to be free of his balls so that this slave can become a perfect slave forever, for Mistress. Mistress, if it comes down to choosing Mistress or balls, the score is:
    Mistress one trillion
    Balls, ZERO!!!!

  7. Hi, I accidentally found your blog and stood the whole afternoon reading and looking at the images. I couldn’t stop. I have a manclit, a dicklet that makes me behave like an animal. I can’t stop touching, i have the constant dirty urge to make it hard and cum. I always need to drain my useless balls. I hate my balls. I don’t feel like a man, i’m not a man, i’m a stupid dump filth wanker.

    Looking at your blog i thought… What if they wouldn’t produce hormones anymore? What if my my balls die? I would be more man without them? What if my balls content get definitely drained with a ?. Surely I would be more man and would stop touching this useless little thing hanging between my legs.

    I hate blood, i find all all this bloody cutting disgusting. But… i fear that I could become one of your castrated slaves. And I get so excited by these toughs, I tell you this just to make you understand that I deserve I, no man would get exited by the idea of loosing his masculinity. If fact I get excited because I hope to become more man. Maybe..

    I am so confused, i thought to be the only to hate his testices testicles, I see that many others hate theirs and that other like me are little pets and not man. Like a domestic pet I need a mistress.

    I saw your program destroying the capability of erection is correct, in fact for creatures like me the erection is an insult to real man and women. Isn’t it cruel? I have some release only when I spit out my filthy semen, without getting hard creatures like me will go crazy.How do your slave feel once they cannot cum but would like to?

    Help me to understand, how would my life be without my balls. Will i loose my dirty urges? will i behave like a Man? Have you ever castrated married men? Did they tell you how their life has become? Did some of your eunuchs regret What they have done? Could there be some issues with osteoporoses ore some other sickness due to the lost of hormones?

    Thank you for your answers.

  8. Yes Ma,am it is totally against a female when a slave shows this disrespect i am also guilty of this infraction and would like to be enrolled in your male slave castration so i may serve you and all females better

  9. This combination “beautiful woman / experienced dominant mistress” is a real enrichment for every submissive slave. Of course many subs dream of being allowed to give themselves to this woman and this often only for the reason of giving her joy and fun, especially with slaves who are not normally masochistically inclined. From the first moment I was enthusiastic and in love with this super woman and every victim is only the most natural in the world.

  10. Mistress, do you think I will have to castrate me too? If I have to do it I will do it. But I have to prepare my mind for this big step. I adore you sadistic goddess .. you are right to make castrate as many dicklets as you can.

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