Manclit or penis? — 4 Comments

  1. yes Mistress it is outdated and not correct if a beta male sub wishes to devote its life to a lady to serve her and she desires it castrated i cannot see how that can be wrong. luckily i followed your teachings of injections and feel i am a partial eunuch but really do desire and want to see my useless balls in your jar Mistress

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ you did well. I wish they would change the law asap. I mean since we have all the LGBTQ rights etc now. Isn’t it time for BDSM and Bodymod rights? It feels like we are the last taboo or something

  2. how right you are Mistress Urnom i know i have a manclit and it would be insulting to any woman to show such a pathetic man clit which has never ever been near a woman as it is quite useless. it was the main reason i decided to castrate myself under your instructions with injections into my useless balls in the first place. i have never looked back since and my little man clit has rapidly shrunk even further now and hangs forlornly between my legs. No woman should put up with an inferior penis and it is why i believe beta male castration should become lawful for a woman to perform or order it to be done

    • I wish they changed the law to at least allow you to mod your own body how you see fit. There are so many slaves out there that would do anything to have someone like me help them. On top of that.. I would LOVE to have that many filled jars. But with this stupid law you have to be extremely careful not to land in jail. Just look at what happened in the UK with the well known “Eunuch producer” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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