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  1. Hello, beautiful mistress Urnom:
    So I’m addicting to extreme testicle crushing using vice clamp or acrylic crusher plates. I am actually curious as of how flat can testicles be crushed before they actually give up and rupture? I’ve seen your works and I’ve seen you crushed a pair super flat. The flattest I’ve ever done was like 0.6mm gap between crusher plates. I was hesitating to push further tho. Like, I love that feeling of my balls getting pancaked very much but at the same time I don’t wanna lose them or else there will be no balls to enjoy the crushing feeling for the rest of my life. I’m not really planning on having kids so I’m okay with them being damaged badly as long as they still produce hormones and gives me sex drives and sensations. Would you mind to share your knowledge on ball crushing? Have you ever actually ruptured a pair by plate crushing only? If so, what would you suggest as the crushing boundary? Thank you in advance.

    • Hello little slave,

      No I have not ruptured a testicle with plates (yet), only by kicking. I think it is a lot harder to have an äccident”when you use a device like a clamp that tightens slowly. That being said however, there is a rupture point at around 50-70kg of pressure where the egg will just give according to medical literature / web searches.
      I do not know how accurate these figures are and if this is kg/cm2 or such. What I do know is that I weigh about 53KG and I can stand on a single ball with my full weight (on one foot) and it does not pop. In my latest vid I do a full force jump on the balls and manclit..

      Nothing popped..only a little blood. I guess puppy got lucky that time.

      I do not think I can set a “crushing” boundary that is “safe”for you.. there are so many variables. Besides, the kind of thing we like is kind of on the edge between “safe”and “insane”:P just the way we like it
      I can get puppy this flat because we did the castration program with injections. Those eggs are half dissolved / atrophied 😛

      It depends on the damage you already did I guess


  2. Dear Mistress, if someone would ask you to give him your best kicks barefoot, is there a chance that you will agree? I really admire that you don´t have scruples make pain to guys. But I find kicking with hard and spiked boots easy. For me is much more interesting, if women is good kicker and is able to make strong pain with her own body, without using boots, hammer etc. If that would be possible, I would like to volunteer 🙂

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