Mistress Urnom: rules of conduct

  1. Everything on this site is copyrighted (including texts, pictures and videos). You are under no circumstances allowed to share any of my content.
  2. Be respectful and nice (hateful/passive aggressive/offensive comments won’t be approved and being super nasty will give you a permanent ban)
  3. Feel free to ask things you want to know, however, fantasy wanker questions won’t be answered (same is valid for the ones that concern the detailed description of the full length videos)
  4. This is not a circle jerker fantasy wanker forum, so comments like that won’t be approved  nor fed.
  5. Sending me masturbation videos/pictures will automatically give you a ban, you won’t be able to continue the programs/assignments, you will lose your slavenumber and the access to my site.
  6. My official email is for the Elite Slaves only. I do not engage in emailing nor chatting, if you have a question you can ask that in the comment section and I’ll answer (provided that you respect my rules of conduct).
  7. If you want to purchase a video, you have 48 hours to pay your invoice. It is your responsibility to check your email/spam folder. You will get a reminder if the invoice is not paid within 48 hours and if you fail to pay again and do not cancel the order, you will get a ban. Changing your mind is not a big deal, but make sure that you let me know.
  8. If you want to be a member, you have to READ the whole how to post (it would save you some embarrassment)     https://www.castratix.nl/the-slave-pen
  9. You cannot register on the site and all videos are rendered seperately with the slavenumber watermarked in them. In case you pay in the middle of the night, do NOT expect me to register you or render your video immediately. I will do it first thing in the morning, be patient 🙂
  10. My personal/sexual life is non of your business so don’t ask about it. Such comments are automatically deleted and you’ll be banned if you keep pushing it.
  11. I only make CFNM videos, I will NEVER make nude/pornographic content, so don’t make such suggestions/ask for it/demand it. A true mistress is an exalted being and pathetic little slaves are not even worthy of fantasizing about her. Such comments are automatically deleted and you will get banned if you keep pushing it.
  12. It is not allowed to try to arrange a session with someone else on my site. It’s extremely rude and I am not willing to be held responsible when you are scammed by a fellow circle jerker that pretends to be a mistress.
  13. I do NOT want to see your pictures/videos unless I ask for them.
  14. I will not give you access to my videos or site just because you claim to be an amazing editor or web designer. I have an amazing professional team that I trust so instead of being a cheapskate, support me just like the other slaves that appreciate my work enough to cover the costs that come with it.