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  1. I want to be in your power. Perhaps the elastrator will tighten my balls, and at this moment your hand will insert the needle into them.

  2. Hello Mistress Urnom! Let me express my gratitude that you are. I live in Russia and would very much like to become a eunuch of such a mistress like you. Could I count on your attention?

    • Hello there πŸ˜‰

      You can join my club, if you want to start the road to slave perfection.. We can kill those nasty eggs and that useless dicklet

  3. Ma,am i am ashamed at these people i followed your instructions precisely and after first injecting both of my useless testicles with alcohol which did sterilise me and also dropped my testosterone level to a point where i was basically impotent and remained limp i then went on to inject both testicles with calcium chloride as you described. both my testicles have shrink enormously and are extremely hard and like two little plum stones. i am fully incapable of erections and fully neutered in that sense. so i say to all that is you wish to properly become a eunuch for Mistress Urnom have the decency to either follow her instructions or leave and begone. since i started i am to all intents and purposes a Eunuch and a happy eunuch as i always wanted to be. i live in hope that one day i can visit Mistress Urnom and show to her her trophy’s of my redundant testicles

    • It is so good to hear that my program did it’s work on another set of worthless testicles πŸ™‚ When I think about the amount of testicles I have completely destroyed so far in my ‘career’ I get all warm and fuzzy inside haha. My slaves know that they are inferior as men and to be honest they are not even worthy to be called that, as such they do not need functioning genitals. What were you going to do with them anyway? Bother women with your micro penis… or insult real men by calling your glorified skin flap a penis πŸ˜›

      You are on the right path to become a perfect slave, one that knows how to serve and most importantly, one that knows his pleasure is irrelevant. My slaves live to serve me, to sacrifice what they cherish most just to prove that they are worthy of a Goddess like me.

      Of those slaves that are dedicated enough to make the initial sacrifice only a small elite group reaches the final stage… My trophy shelf. So far only one slave from my slave pen made a donation in flesh., mine now I guess, testicles sit proudly on display in their jar.

      Maybe one day you will be neighbours πŸ˜‰


      • Thank you Ma,am i do so hope my little testicles will sit by the others with my slave name on the outside Ma,am. i do live to serve you and always have Ma,am. i have always known my pleasure is of no concern or indeed as you say totally irrelevant. when i began my journey with you it was with some trepidation that i first pushed the needle into my balls and i did so with your picture on my comp screen as if you was watching. you was indeed saying to me ” go on my little slave i demand your castration and sacrifice to me ” as time went on my penis began to atrophy and my little balls became harder and harder, but i continued rigorously as i believe in becoming useful to you Ma,am, something i couldn’t really be with functioning testicles. as you quite rightly point our they was never going to be of any use to me anyway as my little penis is both irrelevant and inferior. after i had finished the course with alchol and you suggested banding and injecting with sodium chloride i was again filled with trepidation but again seeing your photo and your kind words to me encouraged me to continue to become a useful eunuch to you as i could short of giving you your deserved trophy’s of my manhood to sit in your jar. i am very proud to be able to call myself one Mistress Urnoms eunuch slave,s. as an update my penis has shrunk quite considerably now and also my testicles have as well i do experience a little pain in them as they are now quite solid and bear the scars easily but i am pleased to say that no amount of stimulation or condition allows my worthless penis to even harden at all and i feel more calm and satisfied i am neutered for you Ma,am. as always i shall always follow you and if you may think of anything else i can do Ma,am for my eunuch state i shall of course obey

    • That’s nice to read, to learn that there are other men who trust Mistress Urnom in everything and go the way of a potential slave of the Mistress. If you got to know her a little bit and read her reports here, you know that their demands are not spinning, but show how experienced she is in dealing with many men who either have only a small cock and could not really make contact with women fulfilling with it anyway. I have also had to learn in my life that women like Mistress Urnom are right in saying that men should basically be castrated to confirm their submission and female superiority, of course some “real men” would have to remain so that procreation can be possible. Certainly certain women would then have to decide to whom this applies and who may keep his testicles, after all these women and mistresses are experienced in recognizing who is worth it and who is not. I myself am totally happy to have gone the right way together with Mistress Urnom, it made me not only proud, but also satisfied and calmer, because it finally stopped thinking only about sexual stimulation and his own satisfaction. Thank you again Mistress Urnom.

      • I couldn’t have said it better πŸ™‚ ‘men’ who will never satisfy a woman in their life should just accept that they have a different role to play. They can be the support act in the life of their Goddess and show their devotion through their servitude and sacrifice.
        All slaves should eventually be castrated, penectomized or both (I do love the smooth look a lot TBH). Keeping their little testicles intact will cause all kinds of problems when their hormones make the slave do nasty things. I feel the only reason to have a slave keep the genitals attached is using it as a torture toy for the amusement of the Goddess. This is why I did not remove puppies genitals yet . . as they serve no other use and he has to sit to pee anyway because of the cage.
        It took some training, and a castration but now my puppy is completely happy in his role. He knows I will take one trophy from him too and is proud to show his devotion when the day comes. I just have to decide what I like to torture more..balls or dicklets, then I will remove the other part and it will be the neighbour of your (mine now :P) testicles on my shelf.

        It makes me happy to read that it worked out so well for you, I guess I do know what is best for my slaves πŸ™‚

        • Yes, Mistress Urnom, for most submissive men this is surely a Thes that frightens and makes them afraid, but I think it also depends on the woman / mistress, how she stands to this point, besides, it is not possible to modify a slave just like that, as a mistress would like to have him. A castration is not to be done simply in such a way times on the fast, how and where can a mistress let do that and a penectomy is still much more difficult. Surely some slaves wish to be able to concentrate on their real task in life and thereby the horniness and the eggs, which cause this, already disturb very much and many slaves know there surely not to deal correctly, keep their “male tendency to want to determine and that costs a mistress then surely much strength to get out of the slave’s habit and to change it.

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