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  1. Mistress said: the classical hook your dentists always uses to torture your mouth with.. Wouldn’t it be fun to put that thing to use in the β€˜mouth’ of your other head. Wow. A video exploring all of uses that this one tool could do to the other head would be amazing to see. Please let us know Mistress if and when this is available.

  2. HI Miss Urnom, My partner flr does not want kids and is considering castration. i would like to suprise her however. Is there any chance to do this with you in real life? perhaps with my partner present

    • The only castration I offer is castration by proxy through my programme. I’ve seen way too many fakers, I do not waste my time on it anymore.

      • Here is the solution for all this fake castration lover dreamer You Mistress Urnom will agree the meeting for castration after the deposit of lets say 1000euro is paid it the donner is not present his balls the deposit is lost so for you there is a win win solution and also for all the real ones candidate this will be opportunity to meet with you and leave the pair of balls in your jar forever for you .
        Please Mistress consider my idea and give the chance to the real one who wish to lost the balls for you.
        We are all waiting for your new balls destruction videos please don’t let us wait any longer.
        regards slave 27032

        • Sure. I get the deposit back? Can it be like 250 EUR? Session price? I leave with either my balls or the deposit. If we have a deal can we meet?

          • Like I said, I do not offer RL castration sessions. If you’re looking for such a thing you might want to put an extra 0 behind that amount to get a more realistic price πŸ˜‰

          • I said it multiple times that I do NOT do such sessions. I have the luxury of deciding whom I want to do sessions with, and free sessions are ONLY available for my selected Elite Slaves. Your bargaining mentality is quite offensive for a mistress.

  3. Hi,

    A slim early 30 handsome popular dude would love to offer my balls to you, once read you were into cutting open a ballsack and experiment, I wouldn’t mind be your guinea pig. First meeting would be cool, on my expense of course?


  4. I’d love to see you put MULTIPLE needles through your slave’s urethra, pointing upwards and coming out the tip of his dicklet, along with lots of blood.

  5. Dear Mistress,

    i hope your ankle is fixed meanwhile and you’re able to kick balls as you like. I would love to see how you install the Prince Albert chastity on your puppy. If its working good, i would like it for myself.

    Greetz from Germany. Looking forward for new Stuff.

  6. Mistress, are you divine and have truly original ideas. You could give homework to open the dicklet with tools and hold one of your competitions.
    A kiss above your feet

  7. I hope your ankle will soon get better, hopefully you will be able to trample and kick again some balls.
    At least, you seem to have found another way to torture them in the meantime πŸ˜‰

  8. Will you perform hard impact play like flogging and (bull) whipping in sessions? And may slaves give their own preferences?

  9. Thank you for the update, Mistress. Sorry to hear about your ankle. May you have a speedy recovery so you can be fully capable of walking, running…trampling. πŸ™‚

    As far as a vote on what video I would like to see… (I am really only into cock torture. I love my little balls, even if they are pitiful. But I enjoy watching needleplay and sticking needles in my own dicklet)… so I love your thought of needleplay and urethra torture.

    I know you don’t really care what I think, being a worthless slave and all, but wanted to share. Sharing is caring! πŸ™‚

    Your little dicklet, Slave 16666

    • Thank you little slave, I hope they will fix my ankle soon too. Those balls are going unkicked for far too long πŸ˜› Nice to get some input from my slave, maybe you will have your wish πŸ˜‰

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