CBT: Stitches — 14 Comments

  1. Is the Stitches video previewed on this page available for purchase Mistress? I did not see it listed in your videos for sale list.

    • I thought I did not have that anymore.. BUT when I searched it for you, not only did I find that one but also some more really old ones 😛 I even have my 1st dicklet piercing vid.. It was my 1st time piercing and I only did skin as I was told by the safety nazi’s 🙂 That was the only time I just pierced skin as I think it is too boring for me.. I like damage

      I am going to see if I can do something to improve the quality and then I will make the longer ones available for purchase so you can collect those too 😉


  2. Wow You are a Magnificent Goddess,

    i am after decades of marriage finally in a cage on and off, as my Wife doesn’t really understand my desire to serve. This, amazing as it is, would just not make sense to Her unfortunately.

    May Your work continue and gain the respect it deserves

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